Social Media Automation

A Skeptic's Guide


Should I post the same updates on every social network?

You can – but whether you should is another question entirely!

Every social network has its own unique benefits and limitations, and you can choose either to ignore them or to embrace them.

A tweet, for example, can only be 280 characters – but that doesn’t mean your Facebook and LinkedIn posts should also be that short!

Tailoring your updates for each network doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be 100% unique, either. You can reuse the text from a Facebook update to write a tweet, for example, but then modify the message for length and include Twitter-specific features like @-mentions.

(And don’t forget – Twitter requires you to post unique content each time you post. More on how to make sure you’re doing that right here.)

So, you don’t have to alter your updates from one network to the next – but taking the time to do so could benefit you in the end. Take advantage of the unique styles and options within each social media platform to help your brand really shine!

Edgar image Facebook postDo automation tools prevent me from doing things like posting image updates?

It depends on the tool! Edgar, for example, features image support and image previews, so you can post them to networks like Facebook and Twitter as easily as normal.

If the ability to post images is important to you, make sure it’s an included feature for any tool you’re considering using.

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