Social Media Automation

A Skeptic's Guide


Automated posting vs. live posting

What types of updates should I automate?

The different types of updates you can automate are virtually limitless.

For example, you can automate posts like:

  • Links to your company blog
  • Links to blog posts and articles you think are interesting
  • Promotional links
  • Questions for your followers
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Funny one-liners
  • Daily hashtags (#TBT, #FF, etc.)

Updates like these are “evergreen” – they can be posted at almost any time without compromising your authenticity.

With evergreen content posting automatically on a regular basis, you can simply pop onto social media when it’s convenient to see how your audience is responding.

What types of updates should I post live?

Remember that social media automation does NOT eliminate the need for live engagement.

Certain types of updates demand to be posted live (and Twitter basically requires you to post live all the time), so you should continue paying attention to all of your social media feeds, so you can post certain things in real time.

Things like:

  • Replies to your followers
  • Customer service responses
  • Opinions on timely news events
  • Congratulations to your aunt on the birth of her septuplets

The events that inspire updates like these can’t be predicted, so all you can do is wait for them to transpire and respond in a timely fashion – for a personal touch.

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