LinkedIn Marketing

Strategies for Small Businesses


What are some LinkedIn marketing strategies that can give me an edge?

There are plenty of LinkedIn features to use that can optimize your presence on the platform. Here are just a few ways that are often overlooked by marketers, but together can create some serious next-level LinkedIn clout.

Showcase Page

Add a Showcase Page. Got a project you’ve been working on that you’re ready to share? Do you have a “side brand” you want to highlight to your customers and your network? Show it off on a Showcase Page to share it far and wide and/or promote to a targeted segment of your audience.

LinkedIn Showcase Page

Sponsored Content

Try out Sponsored Content. Raising awareness and building relationships can all start with Sponsored Content – and can fit with most any budget. Sponsored Content at LinkedIn can give the content you’re most proud of a major boost, by getting it into the News Feed of a more targeted audience, instantly.

LinkedIn Sponsored Content for desktop and mobile

LinkedIn Learning

Become a LinkedIn Learning instructor. LinkedIn acquired in 2015 to create an indispensable “learning library” that leverages LinkedIn’s ridiculously awesome network of influencers and thought leaders – including Oprah, Bill Gates… and you! Click here to see how you can apply.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Tip

Looking for more ways to level up your company’s LinkedIn presence? Check out our blog post: 6 Essential LinkedIn Features Your Business Should Be Using”

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