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Why SlideShare might be the best LinkedIn feature, ever

With 70 million users, LinkedIn’s sibling platform is the ultimate social media marketing double whammy – one part fresh format (think YouTube for slideshows) and one part distribution channel.

This gem of a slide-hosting platform is the “sleeping giant” that all content marketers should befriend. There are 40 different content categories on SlideShare, so the competition for your particular niche is probably relatively small – providing you with a relatively uncluttered distribution channel.

LinkedIn SlideShare

Also, 80% of SlideShare traffic comes from search engines. If this doesn’t set your SEO happiness-receptors aglow, we don’t know what will!

Using SlideShare a no-brainer. With minimal effort, you can even upload existing slide presentations you’ve already created in a variety of formats, adding HD video and audio narration for that extra professional polish.

Quick tips to make the most out of any SlideShare presentation

  • Integrate images, video, audio narration, and even infographics
  • Use keywords in your title and keyword section for SEO
  • Entice your readers with a catchy headline
  • Backlink to popular posts on your site
  • Include a CTA

Want to know what SlideShare is REALLY great for? Resharing your best content. 

When you’re an independent consultant or a solopreneur, finding the time and bandwidth for yet another content marketing channel isn’t so easy.

Fortunately, you can use SlideShare to take an existing piece of content and repackage it as a presentation to attract new audiences that prefer a more visual or interactive format.

If you’re worried about repeating yourself… don’t be! With tens of millions of potential eyeballs who have never seen your content (on LinkedIn alone!), and ever-shorter online attention spans, resharing is a tried-and-true tactic that helps extend the life of a valuable piece of content – and the longer a post is live, the more opportunity it has to move up in search engine rankings.

Resharing content starts new conversations with a wider audience, which in turn keeps your brand or product top of mind. 

Almost any type of marketing content can be repurposed and reshared on SlideShare: archived webinars or Q&As, product demos, infographics, Twitter chats, and (of course) blog posts – especially those popular, evergreen posts that have visuals, lists, quotes, or charts. (If you’ve been blogging for a while, you’re probably sitting on a goldmine of evergreen blog posts that aren’t getting the traffic they deserve.)

All of these content types can be turned into professional anthologies of your business expertise on SlideShare – all while taking advantage of LinkedIn’s awesome search engine traffic!

LinkedIn Tip

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