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How smart brands are "hacking" Facebook marketing

Facebook’s algorithm is what determines who sees your posts and when, and it only gets more complicated as time goes on.

But you still want to expand your organic reach and be seen by more of your Facebook fans, right? While it’s not as simple as making one or two changes – there are some overlooked ways to make the most of your marketing time and money on Facebook.

Use Facebook Messenger to better serve (and sell to) your customers

Facebook Messenger has 1.2 billion monthly active users – many of whom are using messenger to communicate with business Pages that they follow. Wow, that’s a lot of people!

But the best part about Messenger? It allows businesses to communicate directly with their customers in a way that is, as the parlance goes, “relatively frictionless” – and that can pay off in customer satisfaction AND increased conversions.



Messenger for customer service

Who hasn’t been stuck on the phone listening to pre-recorded music instead of talking to an actual customer service representative? No surprise that a majority of us would rather message a business than call them.

Facebook Messenger is a boon for many businesses who have struggled with effective ways to manage customer service. Realizing the potential of Messenger to positively effect customer service – and get people to stay on Facebook longer, naturally – Facebook rewards business Pages with the coveted “Very responsive to messages” badge if they have great Messenger response rates and response times.

This creates a positive feedback loop that both edifies businesses and boosts customer confidence. You can even add a Messenger box to your website (scroll down to see how) to keep all your customer conversations in one place, no matter where your customers find you!

Want to increase conversions? Try a Messenger bot!

If you think the mere idea of “bots” is the least likely way to generate sales, think again. Messenger bots are used every day to provide customized content, alert customers of sales or deals, streamline transactions in an interactive way, and even provide personalized customer service. To date, there are over 100,000 of them!

And bots aren’t just for companies with a big developer team! Facebook claims a single developer can create a Facebook bot in just 10 minutes, giving your business yet another way to reach your fans and get them engaging with your Page!

Before you get started, check out “How Facebook Messenger Bots Work (And If They’re Right For You)” to quash those feelings of overwhelm (we’ll walk you through all the bot pros and cons).

Facebook Tip

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The Facebook pixel

Facebook pixel

Facebook offers so many different amazing analytics options that many people don’t realize that they, too, offer a conversion tracking pixel!

The Facebook pixel is a simple way to determine how well your Facebook Ads convert into sales. It also helps make sure you’re targeting the right people – and gives you data to use to optimize your campaigns.

You don’t need to use the pixel, but without one you may not be making the most of your Facebook Ad campaigns.

But, you might be thinking right now, doesn’t Facebook already track user behavior in tons of different, useful ways? The answer is yes – but only within Facebook. As soon as a person clicks off Facebook and onto your site (or onto a landing page), Facebook no longer tracks their actions – unless you add the Facebook pixel!

The Facebook pixel tracks user behavior from Facebook ads so you can better understand user behavior and actions – like when a user views content on your blog, or adds an item to their shopping cart, or completes registration on your site.

Facebook recommends that you put the pixel code in the header tags of your website to track behaviors across your entire site, but how you use the pixel is entirely up to you – their Implementation Guide offers step-by-step instructions to help you get started.

Facebook Tip

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