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The old quantity over quality question...

This is the question that brings out all the strong opinions – and with good reason! Facebook users have been trying to crack the code of the News Feed for years.

But it turns out there’s a foundational Facebook content mantra that successful marketers use every single day:

Facebook posts should be interesting, helpful, real, and – most importantly – shareable.

Facebook posts should be shareable

If that seems a little too obvious, you’re right – this is only the beginning! This basic mantra doesn’t address what your posts should be, or how to make them unique, or how to give them that special sauce that makes your fans click, comment, and share.

Thankfully for you, dear reader, our Facebook experts have put together answers to the most common questions they get about all things related to creating amazing Facebook content. Read on!

What the heck should I post on Facebook?

Long story short: you should be sharing links to your website on Facebook. Naturally, the easiest way to do this is by blogging. If you’re a small business owner, chances are you’ve been blogging for a long time and have a ton of content built up.

(If not, it’s okay to add some of your favorite articles and links with your own “editorializing” – adding your thoughts or opinions about the link when you post.)

Producing consistently useful and sharable articles takes some planning ahead. We use Edgar, naturally, to schedule our posts for Facebook and across social media, but once you get a good backlog of evergreen articles you can post them again and again – mixed with more timely, interactive posts to keep your Facebook business Page fresh and relevant to your fans.

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How often should a Facebook post go out?

You should be actively sharing links to content from your website via Facebook status updates, as often as you post them.

(And it wouldn’t hurt to re-share your best evergreen posts with a social media automation tool to reach even more people!)

Facebook does impose limits on how often you can post, but as for all their algorithms, Facebook doesn’t specify post frequency thresholds. In general, however, it’s a good idea not to “spam” your followers by posting the same thing over and over again, or posting in very short intervals of time (say, every few minutes).

All that said, we mentioned up top that the average Facebook user spends just an hour on the site every week. And every post is pitted against the posts of every other page or account a single fan or customer follows – making the odds of any one person seeing any one of your posts starts to decrease exponentially.

Everything from the times of day when you post to the types of content you share can make an enormous impact. To determine the best time or how often a post should go out, then, check in on your Facebook Insights to see how content you’re sharing is performing – and use that data to determine the ideal mix of time and frequency for your fans.

Facebook Tip

Facebook treats timely content differently from evergreen stuff. Resharing evergreen content frees up your time so you can take advantage of these trends as they pop up and extend your reach!

Is there an ideal mix of promotional vs. other types of content?

The most important thing is to have a mix. Most marketers will tell you an 80/20 mix of informative/promotional content is ideal. So for every four informational posts, one blatant promo post is fine – especially if you’re posting something that encourages fan participation – like a giveaway or opinion poll.

Sharing your accomplishments, too, is a type of promotional content that can work really well with fans and doesn’t get stale as quickly as “SAVE 20% TODAY ONLY!” type posts. When done sparingly, sharing your accomplishments shows your customers that you’re a rock star and it shows your fans how to rock.

When it comes to promo offers, specials, sales, or similar content, however, think about what things like that have gotten you to click. Chances are what you responded to goes back to the Facebook post formula that works best for every type of post: Make it interesting, helpful, real, and shareable. 

Facebook Tip

To make it easiest for people to share your posts themselves, don’t forget to put a Facebook share button on your blog and your website!

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