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How do I make the most out of Facebook Insights?

Facebook makes it incredibly easy for people to see their Page’s marketing analytics. The instant you log in (if you ever log out), you’re treated to an “at-a-glance” snapshot of your Page’s basic metrics: post reach, website clicks, and signups.

Chances are you’re also very familiar with the in-depth user data, called Page Insights, that gives you information on the gender, age, and location of who is looking at your Page – as well as which types of status updates are the most popular.

You probably already used Page Insights and Audience Insights information to create better content. Here are three more ways you take your content marketing to the next level by leveraging the different types of “Insights” data available.

Facebook analytics

Download and take a deep dive into your Page, post, or video data

Facebook lets you download entire Excel files of Page Insights data and analytics for your Page, every post, and every video you’ve shared – for free.

You can select a date range, which data you want to look at, and you can adjust the layout of the spreadsheet so you can see exactly the information that’s most important, first.

From your desktop, simply click on “Insights.” On the “Overview” tab, click “Export Data”, select the data type you want to see (plus the date range), and then click on the “Export Data” button.

Facebook insights data

For step-by-step instructions on how to analyze your stats, our friends at Social Media Examiner have all the deets!

Keep an eye on macro and micro trends using Facebook IQ

There are many websites that claim to monitor consumer trends, but only Facebook has nearly 2 billion monthly active users – the most of any social media platform. There’s no bigger sample size across almost every conceivable demographic.

Facebook analyzes their aggregated and anonymized user data – from both Facebook and Instagram – to produce these trends, which are part of what they call Facebook IQ.

At the Facebook IQ site, you’re offered free access to research by industry, holiday and event trends, and demographic research from People Insights that includes global and hyper-local trends.

On Facebook IQ, you can also get a look at Vertical Insights (consumer trends sorted by industry), or you can peep Conversations – which is a deeper dive into what people are talking about on Facebook, aimed to help marketers uncover “the next big thing.”

Write hyper-targeted content by digging into Audience Insights

Audience Insights is a feature of Facebook IQ that allows you to get hyper-specific audience queries. Audience Insights data is pulled from a combination of public information posted on Facebook and predictive analytics that suggests data about people based on posts they like, share, and interact with. Facebook then lets you create custom audiences from this data.

Facebook audience insights

Custom audience lists allow you to write and post content that’s tailored to a specific group. For example, say you want to offer a life coaching special to new moms who are also mid-level executives. You can pick their location (your city), their age (28-45), their interests and hobbies (yoga, women in leadership seminars, data science, etc.), education level, job title, household income, purchasing behavior, and so much more.

You could also take your list of current fans and customers and tell Facebook to find everyone else on Facebook that are just like them, right down to their purchasing behavior and how likely they are to click on a Facebook ad – BEFORE you spend money on them!

Facebook Tip

You can build custom audiences from people connected to your Page OR from all of Facebook.

While Facebook encourages you to use Audience Insights to better target paid ads, you can also simply explore your demographic data to learn more about your fans and customers and create better audience personas, which in turn will help you develop more accurate marketing plans for your business – on or off Facebook.

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