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What are the ideal image sizes for Facebook?

Choosing a compelling and relevant image for your posts or shared links has never been more important to extending the reach of your Facebook Page. In fact, Facebook actually measures how much engagement an image post is generating – and that may determine how long that post remains in your Timeline (and in front of your fans).

One of the biggest reasons why posts with images aren’t engaged with has a lot to do with image quality, but choosing the right resolution and dimensions for an image isn’t exactly intuitive.

Have Camera Will Travel has an excellent (and very detailed!) roundup of the multitude of aspect ratios to watch for, but here are some basic guidelines to make sure your photos, infographics, and logos look their best on your fans’ News Feeds.


Cover photo: 820 x 312 pixels
(Displays on smartphones at 640 x 360 px)

Facebook cover photo image size

Profile pic: 170 x 170 pixels
(Displays on smartphones at 128 x 128 px)

Facebook profile picture image size

Shared links: 476 x 249 pixels
(300 x 300 px if you’re using the multi-image carousel feature)

Facebook shared links image size

Timeline photos
Vertical: 476 x (up to) 714 px , Horizontal: 476 x 316 px

Facebook timeline photo image size

Facebook Ads: 600 x 600 pixels
(# of images x 600) x 600 px if you want to use carousel cards to showcase several images as one long image

Facebook ads image size


Click here for more info on videos from Facebook.

Facebook Tip

If an image looks fuzzy, try uploading a higher resolution image – exactly twice the required size. So for 600 x 600 pixels, give 1200 x 1200 a shot!

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