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"Boosting" posts vs. Facebook Ads - which is right for my business?

Facebook marketing isn’t terribly complex when it comes to promoted content. There are two primary ways you can amplify your brand: through boosted posts and Facebook ads – and Facebook makes it super easy to track how effective each of these methods are, so you know instantly which gives you more bang for your buck.

In fact, Facebook pages generally pay for as much as a third of their total reach – and when you take the time to custom tailor the audience that sees your ads, you can really stretch your budget.

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Boosted posts are a simpler, quicker alternative to creating a Facebook ad that lets you “boost” the visibility of a regular post and specify a target audience. You can pay to “boost” your posts, moving them higher in the newsfeed of both Facebook and Instagram, thereby increasing the chances of your fans, and other targeted users, seeing them.

Facebook ads are like “supercharged” boosted posts. These targeted advertisements look like regular Facebook posts in almost every way, but have sophisticated marketing segmentation and analytics on the backend that you can use to tailor your Facebook and Instagram ads to target specific groups of customers by gender, age, location, and lots more.

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For a gargantuan company with an incredibly complex platform, Facebook’s advertising tools are surprisingly user friendly. Their support documents are even filled with tips on strategy, not just execution. That means that you can find out what you should be doing as well as how to do it. They’re a great place to learn, even (or especially) if you’ve never run a Facebook campaign before. And take a few minutes to get to know the Facebook ad manager and set aside a few bucks here and there for boosting posts you’re especially proud of.

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