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Perfect Pin Plan

About This Email Course

MeetEdgar's Perfect Pin Plan is an easy-to-follow email course that'll get your brand Pinterest-ready in 5 days flat! Lessons are delivered directly to your inbox, and if you have any questions as you're going through, our support team is just a reply away and ready to help.

During this 5-day email course, we’ll map your Perfect Pinterest Plan from start to finish, with step-by-step guidance and downloadable worksheets to help you:

  1. Set up a Pinterest business account
  2. Optimize your Pinterest SEO
  3. Create eye catching Pinterest graphics that convert to leads and sales
  4. Increase your Pinterest engagement 
  5. Create a system so Pinterest works FOR your business & not the other way around!

(All while Edgar saves you time along the way!)

Brought to you by

Megan McMullin

MeetEdgar Onboarding Specialist

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