Well hey there! We’re Team Edgar, the people behind the cephalopod here at MeetEdgar. We work together despite being miles apart (we don’t have a central office; our team is scattered across the North American continent and we each work from home). Wanna know what makes us tick? Read on…


Our Team


Laura Roeder

Location: Austin, TX
Favorite Blog:
Favorite Tech Tool: Google docs
Hidden Talent: Interior Design

Learn more about Laura Roeder

Operations Advocate

Sarah Park

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Favorite Blog: Lifehacker
Favorite Tech Tool: Hipchat
Hidden Talent: The OC trivia

Customer Experience Director

Kristina Quinones

Location: The Hudson Valley, New York
Favorite Blog:
Favorite Tech Tool: Any camera I currently have at my disposal.
Hidden Talent: I can play the ukulele.

Content + Social Media

Tom VanBuren

Location: NYC
Favorite Blog: Copyhackers
Favorite Tech Tool: My iPhone
Hidden Talent: Dancing terribly and without inhibition.


Chris Williams

Location: Austin, TX
Favorite Blog: The Wire Cutter
Favorite Tech Tool: f.lux
Hidden Talent: Brazilian jiu jitsu

Customer Service Pro: QA Lead

Sarah Brown

Location: Northern Virginia
Favorite Blog: Craftsy
Favorite Tech Tool: My MacBook
Hidden Talent: Sewing & quilting

Product Team Advocate

Lail Brown

Location: Rochester, NY
Favorite Blog:
Favorite Tech Tool: Chrome Developer Tools
Hidden Talent: Solving puzzles and mystery stories

Customer Service Team Lead

Christopher Harrison

Location: Montreal, QC
Favorite Blog: Deadspin
Favorite Tech Tool: Stackexchange
Hidden Talent: TV critic

Marketing Copywriter

Matt Thomas

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Favorite Blog: Wait But Why
Favorite Tech Tool: Does the internet still count?
Hidden Talent: None. I put all my talents, no matter how marginal, on full display.

Marketing Advocate

Scott Manning

Location: Portland, OR
Favorite Blog: 27bslash6
Favorite Tech Tool: Slack
Hidden Talent: Aggressively driving 40-ft transit buses

nicholas-garofalo-153x153 (1)
Marketing Tech

Nicholas Garofalo

Location: Batavia, NY
Favorite Blog: The Art of Manliness
Favorite Tech Tool: Atom
Hidden Talent: Packing a saddle bag

jessi-goodman-153x153 (1)
Marketing Assistant

Jessi Goodman

Location: Bethesda, MD
Favorite Blog: BuzzFeed
Favorite Tech Tool: Surface Pro
Hidden Talent: I can turn most frowns upside down

chad-153x153 (1)

Chad Jablonski

Location: La Porte, IN
Favorite Blog: The Changelog
Favorite Tech Tool: Vim
Hidden Talent: Waterfowl identification

tyra-pirbhai-153x153 (1)
Customer Service Pro

Tyra Pirbhai

Location: Vancouver, BC Canada
Favorite Blog: Gabby TV
Favorite Tech Tool: My iPad and ClamCase Keyboard
Hidden Talent: I’m a skincare therapist and skincare nerd

boram-153x153 (1)

Boram Yoon

Location: Santa Monica, CA
Favorite Blog: Snapchat
Favorite Tech Tool: Any editor with Vim mode enabled
Hidden Talent: The ability to draw caricatures that may not look anything like you

kate-153x153 (1)
Operations Assistant

Kate Oliva

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Favorite Blog: Fast Company
Favorite Tech Tool: Todoist
Hidden Talent: Writing comedic haikus

Customer Service Pro

Megan McMullin

Location: Denver, CO
Favorite Blog: Model View Culture
Favorite Tech Tool: Recordit
Hidden Talent: Making cold brew coffee

Our Statement Of Purpose

Everything we do empowers our customers, our partners, and our team. Work is an enjoyable way to provide income to our families and spend our time in a way that is innovative, fun, and ultimately boosts up others.

Our Guiding Values

  • Empowerment
  • Trust
  • Positivity
  • Respect
  • Dorkiness
  • Integrity
  • Smarts
  • Optimization
  • Fun
  • Whimsility