Well hey there! We’re Team Edgar, the people behind the cephalopod here at MeetEdgar. We work together despite being miles apart (we don’t have a central office; our team is scattered across the North American continent and we each work from home). Wanna know what makes us tick? Read on…

Our Team


Laura Roeder

Location: Austin, TX
Favorite Blog: www.sivers.org
Favorite Tech Tool: Google docs
Hidden Talent: Interior Design

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Operations Advocate

Sarah Park

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Favorite Blog: Lifehacker
Favorite Tech Tool: Hipchat
Hidden Talent: The OC trivia

Customer Experience Director

Kristina Quinones

Location: The Hudson Valley, New York
Favorite Blog: HelloGiggles.com
Favorite Tech Tool: Any camera I currently have at my disposal.
Hidden Talent: I can play the ukulele.

Content + Social Media

Tom VanBuren

Location: NYC
Favorite Blog: Copyhackers
Favorite Tech Tool: My iPhone
Hidden Talent: Dancing terribly and without inhibition.


Chris Williams

Location: Austin, TX
Favorite Blog: The Wire Cutter
Favorite Tech Tool: f.lux
Hidden Talent: Brazilian jiu jitsu

Customer Service Pro: QA Lead

Sarah Brown

Location: Northern Virginia
Favorite Blog: Craftsy
Favorite Tech Tool: My MacBook
Hidden Talent: Sewing & quilting

Product Team Advocate

Lail Brown

Location: Rochester, NY
Favorite Blog: Subtraction.com
Favorite Tech Tool: Chrome Developer Tools
Hidden Talent: Solving puzzles and mystery stories

Customer Service Team Lead

Christopher Harrison

Location: Montreal, QC
Favorite Blog: Deadspin
Favorite Tech Tool: Stackexchange
Hidden Talent: TV critic

Marketing Tech

Nicholas Garofalo

Location: Batavia, NY
Favorite Blog: The Art of Manliness
Favorite Tech Tool: Atom
Hidden Talent: Packing a saddle bag

Marketing Assistant

Jessi Goodman

Location: Bethesda, MD
Favorite Blog: BuzzFeed
Favorite Tech Tool: Surface Pro
Hidden Talent: I can turn most frowns upside down

Application Architect

Chad Jablonski

Location: La Porte, IN
Favorite Blog: The Changelog
Favorite Tech Tool: Vim
Hidden Talent: Waterfowl identification

Customer Service Pro

Tyra Pirbhai

Location: Vancouver, BC Canada
Favorite Blog: Gabby TV
Favorite Tech Tool: My iPad and ClamCase Keyboard
Hidden Talent: I’m a skincare therapist and skincare nerd

Senior Developer

Boram Yoon

Location: Santa Monica, CA
Favorite Blog: Snapchat
Favorite Tech Tool: Any editor with Vim mode enabled
Hidden Talent: The ability to draw caricatures that may not look anything like you

Senior Developer

Alex Auritt

Location: Brooklyn, NY
Favorite Blog: The Hacker Blog
Favorite Tech Tool: Git
Hidden Talent: Poaching eggs

Customer Service Pro

Megan McMullin

Location: Denver, CO
Favorite Blog: Model View Culture
Favorite Tech Tool: Recordit
Hidden Talent: Making cold brew coffee

Senior Developer

Matt Kauffman

Location: Thousand Oaks, CA
Favorite Blog:
Favorite Tech Tool: transpilers
Hidden Talent: Playing but never actually finishing video games

Senior Developer

Yuta Morinaga

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Favorite Blog:
Favorite Tech Tool: Alfred
Hidden Talent: I write Japanese novels

Executive Assistant

Jennifer Majors

Location: Austin, TX
Favorite Blog:
Favorite Tech Tool: Google
Hidden Talent: Pool hustler

Jr. Marketing Analyst

Marcus Snyder

Location: Nashville, TN
Favorite Blog:
Mark Manson
Favorite Tech Tool: brain.fm
Hidden Talent: Making friends with dogs. I’m really great at that.

CS Pro

Jessica Hunt

Location: Seattle, WA
Favorite Blog:
Favorite Tech Tool: Grammarly
Hidden Talent: I bake an awesome rum cake.

Senior Product Designer

Kevin Crace

Location: Nashville, TN
Favorite Blog:
Invision Blog
Favorite Tech Tool: Sketch and Invision
Hidden Talent: Crafting. I love everything from sewing, printmaking, knitting, woodwork, and ceramics.

User Outreach Specialist

Amanda Stoddard

Location: Portland, OR
Favorite Blog:
Smitten Kitchen
Favorite Tech Tool: My iPhone
Hidden Talent: Cooking!

CS Pro

Zachary Schulte

Location: Spokane, WA
Favorite Blog:
Team Human
Favorite Tech Tool: Moom
Hidden Talent: Crooning like it’s 1934

Conversion Copywriter

Jen Carney

Location: San Jose, CA
Favorite Blog:
The Lefsetz Letter
Favorite Tech Tool: OmmWriter
Hidden Talent: Useless trivia sponge

Marketing Designer

Derrick Sun

Location: San Diego, CA
Favorite Blog:
 Brand New
Favorite Tech Tool: Definitely Slack
Hidden Talent: I used to be a varsity diver

Senior Full-stack Developer

Mike Desjardins

Location: Portland, ME
Favorite Blog:
 Wait But Why
Favorite Tech Tool: Spotify
Hidden Talent: I’m pretty good at coming up with fake alternate lyrics to songs

Our Purpose

We succeed by helping small businesses succeed.

Our Guiding Values

  • Choose kindness
  • Take ownership
  • Value for value