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Here's how Edgar works

With Edgar, you can organize and post to your social accounts, all in one place. His content composer lets you add instant variety to your updates, so you’re always sharing something fresh! 

Here's how he does it: When you add a new Tweet or post in Edgar, you’ll have the option of adding a bunch of variations and saving them all at once. 

Select where you want to post your link. You can connect your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more to Edgar! 

Add photos, unique text, videos, hashtags - whatever you like best - to make each post unique!

Edgar bundles all those variations together like a stack of cards, then goes from stack to stack when he’s choosing what to share next.

You get to add more updates in less time, and Edgar alternates between stacks so you don’t have to worry about your variations getting posted back to back - you’ll still have the perfect spread to keep things fresh!

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You’re not a robot, so why post like one?

It's more important than ever to sound like you on social media, even when you automate your posting.

Edgar is more virtual assistant than just a scheduler. He organizes your content and shares it with the world, of course. But he also helps you add natural-sounding variations, so it's like you're always there... even when you're not! 

Sit back, relax, and finally put your social media on autopilot! (We promise you'll super-duper love it.)

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An unlimited library for your content - includes video, images, and text!

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  -  LinkedIn  
  -  Instagram (coming soon!)

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With Edgar handling your social media automation, you get:

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