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Here's how Edgar works

With Edgar, you can organize and post to your social accounts, all in one place. No more logging into each individual network to share a thought or link. 

Here's how he does it: When you add a new Tweet or post in Edgar, you’ll assign a category and have the option of adding images and video, creating a bunch of variations, and saving them all at once. 

Select where you want to post your stuff. You can connect your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram to Edgar! 

Add photos, unique text, videos, hashtags - whatever you like best - to make each post unique!

Edgar's unique category-based schedule lets you decide what, where, and when Edgar posts. He'll pluck from your variations like a deck of cards and keep your queue flowing!

You get to add more updates in less time, and Edgar alternates between stacks so you don’t have to worry about your variations getting posted back to back - your feeds will have the perfect mix.

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Your first 30 days are absolutely free. After that, plans begin at $19/month.

Our Newest Pricing Tier

Let Edgar manage your social feeds:
  -  Facebook (Pages + Groups)  
  -  Twitter  
  -  LinkedIn  (Profile + Company Pages)
  -  Instagram

Connect up to 3 accounts (any combo)

Schedule 10 posts per week (one post can be sent to multiple social platforms at once)

Use 4 custom categories to organize your content and post the right mix

Fill your queue 5x faster with nifty creation tools like suggested variations.

Access to live office hours, an onboarding coach + support from our IRL customer happiness team

30-day money-back guarantee

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Smarter Way To Automate

Your Social Scheduling

Posting manually? There's a better way.

It's more important than ever to sound like you on social media, even when you automate your posting.

Edgar is not just your scheduler, he's like your next hire. He's built to fill your social queue faster, share your content in the right places at the right time, keep your feeds fresh and diverse, and help you grow your audience.

Let Edgar take over, so you can get back to doing literally anything else! (Anything. Edgar won't judge.)

Edgar works for you, keeping your feeds fresh and unlocking...

More Fans

More Sales

More Time do more important stuff