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Social media reach is plummeting. Edgar is the only tool designed to help.

  • The average Facebook post reaches barely 8% of its intended audience and gets just 5% engagement from them. (Locowise)
  • Over 500 million tweets are sent every day, yet just 42% of Twitter users visit the site daily – and only 23% visit multiple times per day. (Pew)
  • On average, people spend just 2 minutes a day on LinkedIn. (The New York Times)

How Edgar Works.

Edgar is a social media automation tool that stores and organizes your social media content by category. Set a custom posting schedule and let Edgar keep your social feeds full, engaging your audience on the right networks at the right time with the perfect content.

Using a feature called “variations” you can create multiple versions of the same post. Edgar can even crawl your shared links for suggested content and images! Edgar’s built to help you fill your queue faster and never run of content.

Sync Edgar with RSS feeds, from your blog, YouTube channel, or podcast, and say goodbye to your sluggish copy-and-paste workflow.

Edgar publishes what you want when you want it. No manual scheduling, no hours of busywork and babysitting, and no hassle.

What makes Edgar different.

Edgar is one cool cephalopod. Here’s how he differentiates himself from the other social schedulers out there.

    Edgar automatically reshares your social updates.

    • Unlike tools that publish an update once and discard it, forcing users to constantly refill their queues with completely new updates, Edgar saves every update you publish in a limitless, online library.
    • Edgar automatically populates a category-based schedule using updates pulled from your library, so your queue is always filled with the content you want to share at the times you want to share it, using a schedule you choose.
    • A single social media update reaches only a small segment of your audience. Edgar’s automation gives you the freedom to have more interactions with your audience, exposing your brand to more and more people.
    • Twitter doesn’t allow you to reuse the same content twice. Using “variations” you can easily keep your Twitter queue full by creating multiple posts to share a single piece of content.

    Edgar is a tool created by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.

    • Our founder/CEO is a social media expert and an entrepreneur who bootstrapped a multimillion-dollar business. She built Edgar to save herself time, and now shares him with thousands of entrepreneurs just like her!
    • Edgar was specifically built for smaller, agile companies and entrepreneurial ventures.
    • This isn’t an enterprise-level tool; you get every single feature when you sign up, and a streamlined interface that makes scheduling easy.

    Edgar actually makes it easier to create and focus on genuine connections with your audience.

    • Edgar doesn’t replace your real-time interactions. In fact, Edgar makes it easier to prioritize them by giving you more time and bandwidth for real engagement and interactions with your fans.

    Edgar saves gives you back hours of your time, every week!

    • Edgar frees you from the time-drain of having to constantly manage and monitor social media, and the inevitable burnout that follows.
    • Edgar helps you post consistently, without having to constantly refill your queue. Whether you’re at home or on vacation, your social posts will always go out.
    • On average, Edgar’s automatic resharing feature saves users hours and hours, every week!

    Edgar Walkthrough Video

    Take a tour with our founder and CEO, Laura Roeder!

    Ready to give this social media octopus a whirl?

    About Our Founder

    Laura Roeder is a social media marketing expert who gives businesses of all sizes the tools they need to make their mark on the web. In addition to creating Edgar, she has developed social media marketing web courses like Creating Fame and Social Brilliant. Learn more about Laura here.

    Laura Roeder on Edgar:

    Edgar is not just a social media scheduling tool, but a full social media content management system.

    Most tools send your update out once, never to be seen again, but stats show us that maybe a maximum of 10% of your followers have seen that update. A small company can’t afford to write so much unique content that will be seen by so few people.

    Edgar stores a library of your social media updates so that you can stop dealing with unwieldy spreadsheets. It just makes sense for your social media updates to live in your social media tool.

    Our most successful users are small businesses (and the agencies who manage them) who are actively looking to cut down the time they spend on social media grunt work.

    They want to spend more time crafting quality updates and engaging with their community, 

    and less time on the tedious work of scheduling.

    Edgar organizes your updates into categories, which ensures you have a nice mix of content ready to go on your social accounts.

    Simplicity is one of Edgar’s greatest strengths. All you have to do is write high-quality, engaging social media updates and Edgar takes care of the rest.

    For interview inquiries, please contact us here.

    Brand Guidelines

    These guidelines outline the general rules when using MeetEdgar’s brand assets.

    Talking about Edgar

    Whenever you need to talk about Edgar, promote him via our Octopals program, or just generally say nice things about him, here’s a quick guide to help you keep everything so fresh and so clean, clean.

    For starters:

    • MeetEdgar is the company name.
    • Edgar is the name of the product.

    It’s always MeetEdgar (with the “M” and the “E” capitalized). It’s never:

    • Meet Edgar
    • Meetedgar
    • meet Edgar
    • meetedgar

    MeetEdgar is never to be pluralized, used as a verb, or abbreviated.

    MeetEdgar belongs to Roeder Studios Inc., which holds his copyright and intellectual property. By using or promoting Edgar, you agree to our terms and conditions, because you’re cool like that.

    Who is Edgar?

    Edgar is the busiest octopus mascot on the internet. His eponymous software helps thousands of entrepreneurs plan and automate their social media posts, saving them from countless hours of social media babysitting and busywork!

    Brand Statements

    Tagline: “Social Media. (Minus the time-wastey parts.)”

    Short Brand Statement

    “Edgar is a social media management tool that automatically shares your status updates, taking the busywork out of scheduling and saving you hours a week.”

    Long Brand Statement

    “Edgar is a social media management tool that saves hours a week by eliminating the time-consuming busywork from your scheduling routine. By storing all of your social media updates in an unlimited library, Edgar is able to share your content automatically. You never run out of things to post, your updates get the chance to be seen by new people, and you can finally take a break from babysitting your social media!”

    Official logos and screenshots for press and promotional use.

    So here’s the deal: We reserve the right to revoke permission to use MeetEdgar’s trademarks and assets at any time and may withhold approval of content that we feel is inconsistent with our brand. We know that sounds mean, but we reserve this right so we can keep Edgar neat, clean, and consistent – no matter where he shows up.

    To that end, MeetEdgar doesn’t permit its trademarks, logos, and other intellectual property to be used in an unauthorized fashion (for example, on merchandise like t-shirts or mugs), no matter how cool you think it looks.


    The Edgar octopus logo.

    Official logos and screenshots for press and promotional use:



    Our official fonts.

    We use Lora for text and Proxima Nova for headers. This isn’t a huge deal in most cases, but we just thought you should know.

    Our official colors.

    Peep our cool, nautically-named color scheme! If you’re going to customize some Edgar-related content beyond using standard black for your text and design, please use only these colors:

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