Will MeetEdgar Support Instagram?

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We love getting questions from our readers and users – so today we’re answering a popular one!

(No, this isn’t an update on Edgar’s relationship status.)

Today, we’re talking about Instagram.

Because our users love what Edgar does for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, we’re often asked about whether he might support Instagram, too – and while we’ve given the short answer before, today, we’re giving the long one!

So – why doesn’t Edgar support Instagram?

All about the API

Apps and programs like Instagram all have their own API, or Application Program Interface – which isn’t as boring as it probably sounds.

The API is everything one tool needs in order to communicate and interact with another tool, and to access it, you need permission.

Think of it like an invitation!

If an app like Edgar wants to interact with a network like Facebook, it needs an invitation to Facebook’s house – otherwise, it can’t get through the door.

Just like invitations, APIs have rules, too. (Because being allowed into someone’s house doesn’t mean you can put your boots up on the sofa.) Everyone’s rules are different, and you’ve gotta abide by them if you want to remain their guest!

And while you can request access to someone’s API so that your tool can interact with theirs, that doesn’t mean you’re going to get it. Not everyone likes having a lot of houseguests, and they’re going to be selective about who’s allowed in.

In fact, some people dislike houseguests so much that they warn you not to bother asking for access unless you meet very specific, limited criteria – and that’s exactly what Instagram does.

Instagram limits access to its API, so tools like Edgar – ones that post updates to your social media accounts for you – can’t come inside.

In fact, in June 2016, Instagram implemented new restrictions to its API, which meant that certain tools that had once had access no longer would in the future!

To access Instagram’s API now, you have to fall under one of three highly specific categories:

Source: https://www.instagram.com/developer/

Basically, if you want to share photos on Instagram, you have to do it yourself – because tools that would do it for you automatically don’t have the access they would need.

(Some tools allow you to save and schedule Instagram posts as drafts, but you still need to actually post them live yourself – and while others skirt API limitations with similarly elaborate workarounds, that isn’t how tools like Edgar work.)

If Instagram doesn’t allow tools like Edgar to do their thing, though, that leads to another big question…

Why do we write about Instagram at all?

Edgar is a tool for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn – so what are we doing writing about Instagram, anyway?

From showing how big brands are using the network’s carousel feature to including it in a comparison of live broadcasting options on different social networks, we don’t exclude Instagram-related topics from our blog, and there’s actually a reason why:

Edgar does make it easier to manage your Instagram profile.

There are a lot of social networks out there vying for your attention – and dividing your time between them isn’t always easy!

And while there are a lot of things you can automate on social, or on particular networks, you can’t automate everything. From hosting live broadcasts to interacting live with your followers, some things just can’t be completed in advance!

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do the things you can’t automate or complete ahead of time – it just means that automating where you can is all the more important.

In February 2017, for example, engagement on Instagram was 70% higher than on Facebook, and 669% higher than on Twitter. (Seriously!)

By using a tool like Edgar to manage your social content on networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you give yourself more time on a daily basis for things like managing Instagram – and if you’re going to be marketing yourself on Instagram, we want you to know everything you need to do it as well as possible!

And in the future?

None of this is to say that Edgar will never support Instagram – and as that social network has shown in the past, the terms of an API aren’t written in stone!

For now, then, we’ll stay focused on giving you everything you need to save time and eliminate busywork elsewhere, so that you can focus your attention on the things that deserve it most!

Will MeetEdgar Support Instagram?
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Will MeetEdgar Support Instagram?
Take a closer look at why it's so hard to find an Instagram scheduling tool - and why that makes social media automation so important on other networks.
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