Why Managing Social Media Isn’t Working for Your Business

Written by Laura Roeder

On February 8, 2018

Ever feel like social media marketing just isn’t working for your business?

That’s the position that the team from Gripped, a UK-based marketing agency, found themselves in.

Gripped took a hard look at their social media strategy, and used what they learned to turn their social into a traffic-driving, lead generation machine – here’s how, in their own words!

(Originally posted at: https://gripped.io/2018/01/11/why-managing-social-media-isnt-working-for-your-business/)

Having a presence on all the major social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter is a well-trodden path for driving traffic to your website. The connection between your website and social presence on these platforms means Google regards you as more relevant than those that don’t.

But it’s worth considering that a social presence alone is not enough.

You need to be active on those platforms on a daily basis if you’re going to use them as a way to drive people towards your website, continuously build an active audience, and see the incremental benefits it has towards your search engine ranking.

At Gripped, we have a tried and tested approach to how we’re managing social media, which has allowed us to turn what was a sporadic ‘hit and hope’ activity into a focused, streamlined demand generating machine.

What’s more, the process is completely based on a platform called MeetEdgar, which is simple to use, yet extremely powerful. In this article, I’ll attempt to demonstrate how through using it we’re:

  • Driving 12X more traffic to our website
  • Constantly growing our social follower base
  • Consistently getting our posts re-shared by influencers
  • Making sure Google knows we’re fit and healthy by posting with high frequency across the major social platforms

Want to see exactly how they did it?

Read the full story in this blog post!

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