Why Edgar is really, REALLY Good at Double Dutch

Edgar’s idea of fun in the sun is to find a spot in the shade and read up on some of his favorite topics, like social media marketing, content curation, prawn wrangling, and other good stuff. All summer long, we’ve been passing his newfound knowledge along in the form of awesome webinars. They’ve been super successful, and a lot of fun.

Skip It

Edgar is pretty bad at poker (hey, YOU try shuffling with suction cups all over your tentacles). But he’s fantastic at skipping rope. He even had four ropes going at the same time earlier. Turns out skipping rope is actually really easy when you’re floating underwater.

To celebrate his new hobby, we’ve added a Skip button that lets you jump over any post in your queue. So take a look at your upcoming posts, decide if there are any you’d rather pass over for now, and Skip away.


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