Twitter Audience Insights Is No More: 4 Tools to Use Instead

You’ve probably heard of Twitter Audience Insights. It was a way to learn a ton of vital (and addictively interesting) info about your Twitter followers in about 5 minutes. For unknown reasons, Twitter put an end to this feature in January 2020, with no further info on what will replace it.

If you still want to learn some insights about your audience on Twitter, don’t worry; there are plenty of other tools out there you can use. This post shows you four alternative tools to give you the same juicy audience insights.

What is Twitter Audience Insights?

Audience Insights Twitter offered a LOT of information that could change the way you saw your followers, and just as significantly, about what you could share with them. The Audience Insights dashboard showed the demographics of those who engaged with your Tweets and potential audiences to target. You could see whether your followers were using mobiles or desktops to use the app, as well as detailed information about their interests.

What is Twitter Analytics?

Different from Audience Insights, Twitter Analytics gives you detailed information about the performance of your Twitter page. It can help you make decisions about the content you put out into the Twittersphere. You can check details such as the time of day your Tweets get engagement and which Tweets are the most popular.

Where to find Twitter Analytics?

First things first – head over to your Twitter analytics page: this will take you to the section where all the intel lives.

The dashboard looks like this:

Audience insights Twitter

You will see an overview of the number of impressions your Tweets received for that month, how many profile views you got, how many mentions, and the number of new followers.

If you click on the Tweets tab at the top, you can get granular info on how each of the Tweets performed individually.

The Tweets tab will show you something that looks like this:

Tweet Insights

You can use this information to understand more about the types of Tweets your audience engages with. It provides information about the number of impressions (the number of times a Tweet has appeared on a timeline) and who interacted most with those posts. Twitter Analytics helps you to spot patterns and trends amongst your audience that can inform your future social media strategy.

Tools for Audience Insights on Twitter

If you want more intel than how your Tweets are performing and how many followers you gained, you’ll now need to use some tools that are external from Twitter. These tools can give you detailed information about who your followers are and how to reach them best. Here’s a rundown of our favorites:

1. StatSocial

This handy tool gives you all the juicy information about the demographics of the people engaging with your content.

StatSocial also gives you personality insights which helps you understand the motivations of your best consumers. This feature is similar to the Twitter insights lifestyle and consumer behavior tab that gave you detailed information about your audiences’ interests and buying habits.

Another great feature is the influencer audiences the tool offers. It shows you the type of content that influencer audiences engage with so you can directly target those prospects.



2. Tensor Social

This AI-enabled tool is one of the best audience analysis platforms around. The tech uses AI to pick up on all the trends within your target market and provides you with a detailed analysis.

Some of the features of this tool:

  • Audience identification
  • Campaign measurement
  • Culture analysis

Twitter audience insights

3. Followers Analysis

Followers Analysis allows you to export all your Twitter followers and an analysis of them into a handy CSV file.

This tool provides detailed information about your followers and data about the best times to Tweet, your most Tweeted posts, and patterns amongst your followers.

Using the insights provided by this tool can help you generate more engagement and entice new leads to follow your brand.


If you want some detailed intel about your audience demographics, much like the official Twitter Audience Insights used to provide, is for you!

Audience insights twitter

It will teach you about your followers’ location, language, and gender to help you build a community that’s right for your brand. Having a better understanding of who your audience really is can help you create the type of content that will resonate with them.

How will YOU use audience insight tools to understand your Twitter following?

Take a look at your own audience insights – what surprises you about your own followers? Do factors like gender and interests break down in ways different from what you expected? And how do you see yourself using (or NOT using) this information in the future? Which tool will you try first? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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