Best Social Media Management Tools for 2019

social media management tools

Great social media pages don’t just occur. There is no social media fairy who can sprinkle fairy dust onto your social media accounts and make them perfect! Great social media pages are carefully constructed, measured, managed and built through strategy, energy, effort and, tools! Even at MeetEdgar, we know that it takes more than a great scheduling tool to keep your social media pages looking beautiful. So we’re sharing the best social media management tools for 2019.

If you really want to get your social channels in shape in 2019, then add these to your marketing toolkit.

1. Canva

We’re going to start with visuals because it’s really hard to succeed on social without pretty visuals.
Canva is a graphic design tool that makes it easy for non-designers to make gorgeous graphics. It’s an online tool and its basic option is free to use but you have access to all the features with their premium plans.

Canva has templates for every single social media graphic you might need, including Twitter posts, Facebook posts, Instagram stories, infographics, Pinterest images and so much more.

Canva will also save your brand colors and fonts so you can quickly edit and modify any template so that it matches your brand media management tools canva

One of the very best things about Canva is they offer in-depth trainings so you can make the most of their tool. Canva knows that most of their users don’t have design experience so they offer tutorials and how-to videos so you can learn to make the most of their tool.

2. Typito

Video is the new darling of social media and it is a must-have for every brand. Consider this, a Facebook video receives, on average, 135% higher organic reach than a photo!

But videos can be tough to create, especially if you don’t have experience and most of us aren’t professional videographers. That’s why a video editing tool like Typito should be in your marketing toolkit.

Typito has been referred to as “Canva for video.” Typito has a drag and drop interface that allows you to quickly create beautiful videos with typography, images, and videos. In Typito, you can upload your own video clips and images and then add text, icons or music. You can also edit your videos for multiple formats so you can create square and vertical videos to fit whichever social media channel you are using.

Typito has a free version but you have to pay $5 if you want to take the Typito logo off of your video. They also offer paid versions that provide more features, including the ability to save your brand assets for quick editing.

3. Unsplash

If you are a small business or solopreneur, you probably don’t have the ability to have photoshoots on a regular basis and if you do happen to have professional photos, you probably post most of them within a few weeks.

Free stock photo sites give brands a way to keep their images fresh and different without having to spend a fortune. Unsplash is one of our favorite free stock photo websites for finding beautiful, high-quality free photos.

unsplash social media management tools

Photo by Guillermo Sánchez on Unsplash

Unsplash was formed as “the antithesis to the stock media experience.” They want to spread creativity and inspiration through photographers and artists who gift their work for anyone to use.

You can use Unsplash photos for commercial or non-commercial purposes and are allowed to modify, distribute or use the photos on the site for free without permission or attribution to the photographer.

While attribution is not required, Unsplash does suggest users credit photographers and artists when possible.

4. Promo Image Resizer

Say goodbye to Photoshop hassles! This site is perfect for when you have created the perfect image and want to use it on different social sites. Every platform has its own size requirements and it’s important that your images match each size requirements.

Promo image resizer makes it easy to quickly resize your images for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Just upload your image and Promo Image Resize will automatically resize your photo for each size, whether that’s an Instagram story or a YouTube cover photo. Download whichever size you need and you’re all set!

social media management tools resizer

5. ManyChat

We mentioned last week that chatbots will be a huge trend in social media this year and ManyChat is one of the most popular chatbots that exists.

ManyChat makes it easy to create Facebook Messenger bots without coding or programming. You simply need to connect your Facebook page to ManyChat and you’ll bot will be set up within minutes.

With a chatbot like ManyChat, you can send messages to your subscribers and create automated sequences to nurture your leads. According to ManyChat, Facebook messenger has an 80% open rate, which is four times higher than email, making it a highly useful lead generation tool.

ManyChat has a free option and their pricing is based on the number of subscribers. This makes it an excellent option if you are testing chatbots because you’ll be paying a low monthly rate until you reach certain subscriber numbers.

6. Google Analytics

Before you start judging us for putting a web analytics tool in a social media management post, let us defend this choice!

Google Analytics is one of the best analytic and measurement tools for your social media efforts. If one of your social goals is to drive traffic back to your website, then Google Analytics is the best tool to measure those efforts.

Google Analytics even has a “Social” tab under their Acquisition menu which breaks down traffic from each social platform. In here, you can see which social media platform drives the most traffic to your site, what pages they land on and what that traffic does when they arrive on your site.

Google Analytics will give you a good idea of which platform performs the best, which content your audience loves and how you can target your efforts on social media for more website traffic.

7. MeetEdgar

Come on, you didn’t think that we’d leave ourselves off the list of best social media management tools!

Now all self-promotion aside, Edgar is the smarter way to schedule your social media in 2019. Edgar helps you keep your content organized in convenient categories, allows you to create a recurring schedule so that you don’t have to worry about when to post and our content recycling features helps your content to keep working for you on Facebook and LinkedIn so that you really can just “set it and forget it.”

This year, we introduced a few new features that make it even easier to schedule your content. You can now quickly create variations on your content so that your feed is always looking fresh, new and engaging. We also introduced our new smart composer which actually writes your social media updates for you! All you have to do is add a link to a blog post or article or landing page and Edgar pulls key phrases and sentences to create your updates.

Interested in trying Edgar so you can stop worrying about your social media? Sign up for a free trial here.

2019 is just around the corner and we want to help you make it the best year ever. Now is the time to get yourself prepared for success so grab your marketing tools and start planning your marketing content.

What social media management tools do you love? Let us know in the comments!