Small Business Saturday Spotlight: 4 Businesses Crushing It On Social Media

Written by Laura Roeder

On November 13, 2018

This month is Small Business Saturday and many small businesses are using social media to prepare for the holiday. But not everyone is tweeting their way through the holiday season. We often hear from small business owners that social media is extremely time-consuming and can be difficult for small businesses to actually see success from it.

But quality is always more important than quantity in social media and what matters most is the strategy. If you can find the right strategy and be consistent with it, you can see just as much success on social media as big businesses do!

In honor of Small Business Saturday, we want to spotlight some of our small business customers who are using social media to grow their business and what you can learn from them for your own business!

Hoot Design Co.

Facebook | TwitterInstagram

Hoot Design Co. is a women-led branding and design agency who creates memorable brand experiences.

Hoot Design Co. uses social media to share their brand by sharing bright visuals that reflect their work, behind the scenes moments and highlighting their clients and client work.


Hoot Design Co. is a brilliant example of how to showcase a brand on social media through visuals and messaging. Their color scheme is consistently bright and bold and makes you look twice as you are scrolling through your feed. They also share their personality through their posts with relatable language and a conversational tone.

The lesson to learn from Hoot Design Co. is to get extremely clear on your audience and who you are as a brand.

Before you start posting on social media, research your audience, create personas and get clear on your brand. When you are creating content, consider your tone, message, and visual graphics and ask yourself if they are in line and consistent with your brand.

Upswing Poker

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Upswing Poker shares resources, courses, and training for online poker players of all levels. Upswing Poker uses their social media to drive traffic back to their website by sharing high-quality content and then leveraging that content to attract paying customers.

Upswing Poker is the perfect example of how websites can leverage all of their content to create consistent social media posts. Upswing’s social media feeds share a mix of podcast episodes, blog posts, free quizzes, sneak peeks of premium content and promotional content.

By sharing several high quality but varied pieces of content, they are able to engage every member of their audience, from advanced players to newer players, paid members and casual readers. Every segment of their audience can engage with something on their feeds.

The lesson to learn from Upswing Poker is to vary your content. In a recent survey, 21% of social media users said they would unfollow a brand for posting repetitive content.

Share a combination of photos, videos, blogs and sales promotions to reach every member of their audience. Edgar users can use Edgar’s categories to balance your content mix.

Mod Girl Marketing

Facebook | Facebook Group | TwitterLinkedIn

Mod Girl Marketing is an inbound marketing agency who helps businesses reach their business goals through digital marketing strategies.

Mod Girl Marketing uses social media to spotlight their owner, Mandy McEwen and share her expertise through masterclasses, videos, and webinars.

They also use social media to build a community through their Facebook group, Mod Agency Insiders. Inside the Facebook group, Mod Girl Marketing shares exclusive content, engages their audience with questions, advice, and solutions. Group members are encouraged to share their marketing questions and seek advice.

By prominently featuring Mandy and creating a strong community, Mod Girl Marketing instills trust and loyalty with their followers.

The lesson from Mod Girl Marketing is to create a community with social media. Whether it’s a Facebook group, Twitter chat or a branded social hashtag, find a way to engage your followers as a community.

Mod Girl also shows how important it is to share you and your team on your social. Don’t hide behind a brand name. Get in front of the camera and showcase you! Share behind the scenes photos, host Q&A sessions on live streams or post video tutorials or new product demonstrations. There are plenty of ways that you can get in front of the camera and in front of your audience.


Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

ShootDotEdit is a professional photography editing service for professional wedding and portrait photographers.

ShootDotEdit uses social media to engage their followers by sharing valuable content that educates and entertains their audience. They share tutorial blog posts, funny memes and photography quotes.

ShootDotEdit knows the importance of great content and how to use social media to be helpful and not salesy. Messages that scream “Buy, buy, buy!” won’t connect with an audience. When you create content, consider how if it is valuable to your audience.

There are four general goals of any content marketing. Content should educate, inform, entertain or inspire. If your content doesn’t fit into one of these four boxes, then you might want to reevaluate why you’re sharing it!

Social media is all about connecting with your audience and discussing shared interests and topics is what builds that connection. Selling isn’t the right tactic.

If you feel like your audience isn’t connecting with your content, check to see if you’re mostly sharing content about you and your business. If you are, then you’re probably boring your audience. Try adding in content that is more focused on your audience and their needs.


These are just a few small businesses who are using social media to grow their business. It can be easy to feel like the only way to succeed is to have a huge budget but the great thing about social media is that it really did level the playing field for everyone.

Try these tactics and get creative with some of your own and above all, be consistent with social media and you’ll start seeing success!

Edgar can help your small business succeed on social media! In honor of Small Business Saturday, we’re offering a free month of Edgar! Give us a try for free for one month with the code SMALLBIZ18 at check out.

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