Schedule specific publishing times for your old posts!

Edgar likes to keep things tidy. Lately he’s been wearing a little apron and carrying a feather duster with him everywhere he goes, and the place is just sparkling. You can practically see your reflection on anything he’s touched… which may have very little to do with the duster, now that we think about it.

At any rate, Edgar’s fastidiousness has inspired us to take a similar approach with the Edgar app, focusing on making things cleaner, more organized, and all-around nicer. And we’re super excited to share our biggest change with you – the ability to add (and edit) specific publishing times to items already in your library!

Setting a specific time will help you keep your content better organized, and it’ll make it a cinch to be sure your posts are going where you want them, when you want them.

Here’s what else we’ve changed lately:

  • The first time you sign on, you’ll be greeted by a redesigned tutorial to help get you started with Edgar.
  • Improved some stuff behind the scenes to speed up data syncing, smooth out CSV importing, and generally make things better all around.
  • Now when you import a blog, Edgar will let you choose which posts he should use instead of just grabbing everything!

We’ve made a lot of improvements to the pending queue over the past few months – have you checked it out recently?

Edgar’s latest writing

Even with at least one arm constantly tidying up, Edgar’s found time to share some more of his wisdom with the team, so that we can pass it on to you. Here’s what he’s had to say recently:


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