Random Time Slots in Edgar: More Random Than Ever!

Edgar has been super busy in his underwater lab lately, cooking up some awesome updates to the way he handles random time slots.

Random time slots are random because they pull from all categories (except the ones you specifically exclude). This is a great way to get a variety of posts published from different categories, and to experiment with posting different types of content at different times.

Now, Edgar’s randomized content-choosing device is even better than before!

Long story short, Edgar cycles through randomized content more randomly than ever – it’s basically as sophisticated as randomizing gets. This means you can use both random time slots and category-specific time slots while reducing the risk of repeating posts too soon and making your types of content more varied!


Edgar’s in his lab (wearing his favorite eight-armed lab coat, of course) working on some major updates coming soon – so keep an eye out for some exciting news!

In the meantime, try popping a random time slot or two into your schedule, and see what you think!