Life After B-School: How to Keep Up Your Momentum and Get Over the “Money Stuff” Holding You Back

Raise your hand if you hate dealing with money.

It’s the worst! Kind of ironic, right? Because for most of us, part of the appeal of becoming an independent entrepreneur is the idea of being in charge of your own money, and finally making what you’re worth…and then we realize just how frustrating that is.

You know that you’re talented. You KNOW that you’re working hard. And it still feels like you’re always THIS close to making what you should, but you never do.

I used to get hung up on all the same stuff.

You don’t know how much you should charge for what you do – or you DO know, but you want to be super competitive – so you ask for way less than you deserve. You put in a ton of time, and get not nearly enough back. You hustle and hustle and hustle and hustle.

After a while, you kinda start to resent your business.

So what gives, man? Why is the money stuff such a pain? Isn’t money stuff supposed to be the FUN part?

It’s all about money blocks.

Money blocks aren’t those boxes Mario headbutts to make coins come out – they’re the things that keep your business from making as much money as it should!

And here’s the thing – literally every business EVER has had to deal with money blocks at one point or another. The trick is to actually get PAST them, instead of letting them block your way forever. (And they will, if you let them!)

So what do you do? When you KNOW you’re not making what you deserve, when you’re meeting resistance again and again every time you try to bust out of this frustrating pattern, how do you get past it?

No business comes with instructions. (Even if you have a fancy schmancy business degree!) If you want yours to make money and finally put you on track with a sustainable, predictable income, you need a guide.

Enter Denise Duffield-Thomas – my favorite money mindset genius

Denise Duffield-Thomas and Marie Forleo


I met Denise Duffield-Thomas back when I ran B-School with Marie Forleo (more about that later), and if you’re stuck dealing with money blocks, she’s an absolute game changer. It’s all for one big, SUPER important reason:

Denise is someone who knows how to take action that actually gets results.

(That’s one of the biggest reasons she’s such a successful B-School alum! Her course, The Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp, has gotten huge since then, and she coaches entrepreneurs everywhere from the US to Australia to Japan.)

Denise’s course teaches entrepreneurs how to get over their money blocks, and as someone who actually took the course and has remained close with Denise since, I can tell you that her approach is honestly the one that makes the most sense.


Because getting over your money blocks isn’t all a matter of inspirational, believe-in-yourself type mantras. (Or what Denise calls “woo-woo stuff.”) And it isn’t all a matter of cold, hard numbers, either! (If only it were that simple!)

Getting over your money blocks takes both a practical approach to your financials AND a shift in the way you think about money. If you only address one of those things, you’re only getting halfway there!

That’s why I love Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp so much – it addresses BOTH. (Okay, I also love it because of the awesome name. And YES, it totally shows you what you can expect from her personality!)

Just like Marie Forleo’s B-School, the Money Bootcamp is designed to give you actionable strategies you can actively put to use along with guiding you through the mindset-related money stuff, so you can earn more money and feel better about doing it. (Take THAT, money blocks!)

Marie, Me, and Denise – putting it all together

I’m gonna skip the small talk here. You know very well that Marie Forleo’s B-School is doing its big annual enrollment right now, and you probably know that Wednesday, March 4 is the very last day to sign up in 2015.

I’ve been using this blog to tell you all about how Marie and I created B-School together, and how it’ll teach you the same lessons that helped me take my own business to seven figures.

By now, I bet you already know whether or not you’re going to end up enrolling in B-School this year.

But do you know what you’re doing AFTER B-School?

I don’t know about you, but when I start getting good at something, I want to be THE BEST EVER at that thing. When I start learning, I wanna learn as much as humanly possible.

So if you’re like me, once you finish the B-School coursework, you’re not gonna want to stop. You’re gonna want to keep going strong and keep up all that momentum you built, so that you can just keep getting more and more awesome.

That’s where Denise and I come in.

Because I’m an official B-School partner, when you sign up through this link, I get to give you free stuff. (It makes me feel like Santa!) And this year, that means I’m giving you TWO full courses to take after B-School: Creating Fame (my own signature course on how to get business famous) AND Denise’s Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp. Denise and I will even host a live coaching call you can join in May, so we can talk about this stuff face to face (or, you know, screen to screen or whatever).

You get allll the special perks of all three, so you can take ‘em like bing, bang, boom.

If you’re gonna take the B-School plunge this year, you may as well go all out and get two more courses and a live coaching call for free.

Anyway, like I said, I’m skipping the small talk today. If you want some more nuts-and-boltsy details about getting Creating Fame, the Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp, and the coaching call for free with your B-School enrollment, check out this page that breaks down exactly what you can expect.

Between Me, Marie, and Denise, this could be the package that seriously puts your biz over the top in 2015 – but remember, March 4 your last chance to sign up in 2015, so don’t wait until it’s too late!

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