Measuring Social Media Engagement with Analytics: An Introduction

JANUARY 2017 UPDATE: Edgar’s analytics beta is now over, and this feature is being revisited by our product team. Stay tuned for updates about future options for viewing statistics!

It’s always nice to see your hard work pay off, isn’t it? (After all, why else would you work hard?) That’s why Edgar is equipped with in-app analytics – so you can see exactly how your updates are performing, and how they compare with one another. Do you know all the different ways you can view social media engagement  statistics using Meet Edgar? Take a closer look at his analytics!

Let’s take a closer look.

It all starts on the Statistics page, accessible from the main navigation:

Edgar main navigation

On your Statistics page, you’ll see a list of your most recent updates, along with the categories to which they belong, the networks on which they posted, and the engagement they received:

Edgar stats overview

(Please note that statistics update in batches, as opposed to real time – this means that the first few updates in your list may not reflect their most recent activity. You may also notice that not every column applies to every network – for example, you can retweet on Twitter and share on Facebook, but not on LinkedIn.)

Using the arrows at the top of each column, you can also order your list according to different factors – in the example below, you can see that we’ve ordered our recent updates in descending order according to how many Likes they each received:

Stats sorted by Likes

Don’t like seeing all of your recent updates mingling together in one giant list? Edgar will organize them for you.

To see your recent updates from one particular category, click on it on the left side of your screen, and Edgar will refresh your list, like so:

Social Media Engagement Statistics

You can do the same thing to sort your updates according to the network they posted on – they’re also listed on the left side of the page, underneath the categories.

Stats sorted by social network

If you prefer, Edgar will also allow you to check the recent stats for a specific update. In your Library, click on the Stats button for any given update:

Stat button in the Library

That will take you to a page showing you information specific to that update, including when it was first added to Edgar and statistics for recent postings:

Stats for a specific update

Because Edgar’s analytics are currently in beta, you can expect plenty more exciting changes in the future – for now, though, head on over to your stats page and give it a look for yourself!