How to View (and Learn From) Other Brands’ Ads on Facebook and Twitter

Written by Team Edgar

On July 13, 2018

Need a little inspiration for your Facebook ads?

How about your promoted Tweets?

If you’ve ever Googled something like “best Facebook ads,” then you’re going to want to know about this.

In 2018, both Facebook and Twitter have taken steps to improve transparency on their networks – especially when it comes to advertising.

One of the results?

You can now look at a Facebook Page or Twitter account and see all of the ads they’re currently running, whether or not you’re in the audience that was selected for those ads.

Facebook ad viewer

Wanna check it out for yourself?

Here’s how it works!

How to view ads in Facebook and Twitter

If you want to take a look at the ads that a Facebook Page is currently running, start by visiting that Page, then find Info and Ads on the lefthand side:

Arrow pointing to Info and Ads link

Click on that, and Facebook will take you to a page displaying all of that account’s current ads!

You can even filter those ads by the country in which they run, too:

Dialogue box showing ads by country

Seeing a Twitter account’s promoted Tweets is just as easy.

Twitter’s Ad Transparency Center allows you to search for a Twitter account, then see a list of the Tweets they’ve promoted within the past week:

Search results for Twitter ads
And that’s all there is to it!

So, now that you know how to quickly and easily check out someone else’s ads, what are you gonna do?

How to learn from someone else’s ads

One tempting idea might be to pop open Facebook and Twitter so you can creep on all the ads your competitors are running.

You’re not gonna learn much from that, though.

(In fact, it could lead you pretty far astray.)

Instead, try to find inspiration in brands that communicate the way you do – whether or not you’re in the same industry.

Every brand has a unique voice, and using that voice effectively in ads can work a little differently from using it in other places.

If you’re not sure where to start – or whether you’re doing it as well as you could – it might be worth seeing how brands with voices similar to yours are doing it!

For example, maybe you want to see what kinds of ads are being created by brands that are a little silly and fun:

MailChimp Facebook ad

Or maybe you want to see what kinds of content brands are creating and promoting just on social media:

Taco Bell sponsored Tweet

These resources are great for giving yourself a clearer picture of the types of content other brands have invested in – not so you can do exactly what they’re doing, but so you can understand how they’re doing it!

Developing a better overall understanding of how other brands approach ads on Facebook and Twitter makes it easier to plan your own – so take a look around, and see what you find!

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