How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page That Engages Your Audience

Written by Laura Roeder

On November 24, 2020

Your LinkedIn company page is one of the best places to present your brand message, culture, and character and a solid LinkedIn page can connect you with the right kind of customers or clients while establishing you as a leader in your industry.

And with over 760 million people using LinkedIn, it’s a platform your business can’t afford to ignore.

Letting people know who you are, what you do, and how you do it will allow more people to engage with you on your company page, and keeping that conversation going with consistent posts will keep you top of mind for them too.

Today on the blog we’re going to cover what kind of content to share on your LinkedIn company page so that you can engage your audience and create lasting connections.

Lay A Solid Foundation With Your Company Page Basics

Posting on your LinkedIn company page weekly can double your audience engagement with that content and adding images to your posts can get you double the comments. But before you begin to post, you’ll want to make sure the following things are clear, complete, and compelling.

Your Logo and Cover Art

Make sure you don’t forget to add your visuals. These images are the first thing a visitor will see and will engage them before they ever read a word on your page.

But be aware: Great LinkedIn cover art is typically simpler and cleaner than Facebook. So you’ll want to opt for something that conveys your company or brand culture or message without a ton of text or busy visuals.

Greenhouse Software is a perfect example of how to use a stunning visual that communicates the brand but isn’t cluttered.

greenhouse software cover photo example

Your Overview

Use your keywords here as you explore your mission, vision, and the work you do in the world. Adding keywords is essential here because LinkedIn users can search this section and you’ll want to ensure that you come up when they search for the industry and expertise that your company can bring to them.

The Nature Conservancy clearly states its mission and references major accomplishments in its Overview.

nature conservancy about linkedin page

Your Organizational Information

Be sure to add your website URL as well as your industry, company size, and where your headquarters are located.

Your Call-To-Action

LinkedIn allows you to personalize this button so that you can track goals and see whether visitors are interacting with the call to action you’ve selected. You can change your call to action button to reflect your goals for the quarter or to explore which CTA your audience engages with the most.

Your Company Life Section

This is your chance to share your company’s culture. Don’t miss the opportunity to give viewers a sense of your values, how daily life looks in your organization, and why you’re not just another company in your industry.

Ripple uses its Life tab to showcase their company leaders and give some insight into their company culture.

ripple life tab example

This section is a great place to share what sets you apart from other companies that do what you do and can be especially helpful when you’re hiring.

A Solid LinkedIn Company Page Foundation

LinkedIn has the potential to connect you with so many different audiences, from potential employees to collaborators to current clients and even future ones. You may even find that competitors visit your page or maybe industry leaders who are ahead of you on your trajectory take time to check you out. And when you have a page that’s completely filled out you can also expect a 30% increase in views of your company each week.

While a solid foundation and getting that basic information on your page is vital, what you post each day or each week is what will really attract those viewers to engage with you on your LinkedIn company page.

So let’s dive into what you should be posting for those viewers to check out.

Industry-focused pieces

One thing to look out for when posting on LinkedIn is the potential to make connections with industry leaders. By sharing posts from industry professionals and thought leaders (don’t forget to tag them in those posts) you can create opportunities for engagement while also sharing content that your audience will benefit from in the process.

Creating your own industry-specific posts is a great way to position your company as a trailblazer or to create a sense of expertise in the field.

And be sure that you reshare posts where you’re mentioned by another related organization or person so that you can highlight that connection to those who view your content. Whether it’s a key customer, a colleague, an employee, or another company, these re-shares help both companies “boost their signal” to the LinkedIn community.

Your resources

Sharing your lead magnets, free resources, and other pieces your company has created to help your customers or clients helps you generate leads and develop chances for visitor engagement.

This type of content also shows your company’s expertise by offering a helpful resource to those who land on your LinkedIn company page.

From PDF documents to slide presentations, to audio or video pieces, you can vary the types of content you share and create a multi-layer experience for the people who follow your company. For example, Active Campaign created a PDF of their holiday cookbook 

Engaging Questions

One of the biggest questions we get is, “How can I get people to engage with my page?” and the answer is this: Ask questions.

There’s a double benefit to asking your audience questions because it not only increases engagement on your LinkedIn company page, but it also allows you to do some market research in the process. Michaela Alexis, a LinkedIn consultant, shares how you can do this. She provides value in her post, offered a poll and then asked a question to her audience so she could learn how she can best help them.

linkedin questions example

Question-style posts also allow you to mix things up when it comes to your content calendar because you’re not just sharing a link or a resource, you’re asking for input and feedback from the people who you want to continue connecting with in the future.

So take some time to develop a set of questions around your services or products, your culture, challenges in your field, or even simply fun and interesting topics your audience will care about.

Once you have your list you can begin sprinkling these question posts throughout your LinkedIn company page content.

Blog Content

If your website has a blog, be sure that you’re sharing links to blog content on your LinkedIn page regularly.

Just like sharing resources gives you a chance to be seen as a thought leader, sharing your company’s own blog content allows you to show up and add value for your customers and page visitors.

linkedin lemonade blog

This also has the added benefit of transporting your visitors to your website and can become a helpful part of your sales funnel as well.

Your Day-To-Day and Special Events

Not all content on your LinkedIn company page has to be educational. If you or your team are attending a conference or other related event, or if you’re hosting one of your own, be sure to take visitors to your page behind the scenes.

This gives page visitors a chance to really connect to your company beyond the work you do each day and this type of content is “out of the ordinary” so you may find engagement increases when you add this to the mix.

When you’re not at an event, you can use LinkedIn to share culture-focused pieces on what life is like within your organization’s day-to-day, like Freshbooks sharing their virtual Halloween celebration.

freshbooks linkedin employees

And whether it’s a special occasion or your typical Monday, because video gets 5 times the engagement that other types of posts capture, make sure at least one post from that event is a video post if you want to see that type of boost.

Your Amazing Employees

Staff spotlights are a great way to highlight your team in a fun and celebratory way. You can select a different team member each month or each week, highlight someone who’s celebrating a milestone with the company, or shout out a team member who has gone above and beyond in a noteworthy way.

Spotify does an employee spotlight video giving its audience an inside look at the people who build their business. 

spotify employee spotlight

Highlighting employees is a great way to attract new potential employees and to showcase how your company culture is encouraging growth each day.

Your Successes and Your Story

Just as you’ll want to celebrate your employees’ big wins, it’s also important to highlight your company’s accomplishments.

Whether it’s a big win for a client, your 15th anniversary, or just a record-setting year, these types of posts establish your credibility and humanize you as a company that has been on a journey to get where you are today, like HackerEarth did when celebrating their 8th anniversary.

hacker earth linkedin post

Speaking of the journey, don’t miss a chance to highlight your brand and company story. From your humble beginnings to overcoming challenges, these posts resonate with your audience because they can connect with that sense of resilience and get a better understanding of why you do what you do.

The Key To Creating Content For Your LinkedIn Company Page

While these content ideas will get you started, the key to running a great LinkedIn company page is consistency.

Pages that post weekly see far better engagement and this means that you can connect with the right potential clients, employees, and collaborators as you use LinkedIn to grow your business.


And if you need some help planning your LinkedIn company page content calendar and staying organized you can try Edgar for free for 7 days and see how simple it can be to manage your social media.

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