Edgar’s New Features: Upload Video and Expiring Content

It’s June, and you know what that means – the sun is shining, the birds are tanning, and Edgar has some brand new features that’ll make your summer hotter than heck.

(But like, in a good way. Not a gross, sticky way.)

Wanna see what’s new? Check it out!

Add video content to your Edgar library

You already use Edgar to blast out your best images, your spiffiest GIFs, and your wordiest words – and now you can upload video to Edgar, too.

On your add new content page, just click the video camera icon (which you can also hover over to be reminded of compatible file types, lengths, and other juicy details):

Once the video uploads, you’ll see a preview with your update:

Save the update to your library like normal, and boom – video content that Edgar can automatically share and re-share for you on Facebook and Twitter!

You can learn more about video uploads here – or you can keep reading to see what else Edgar has in store!

Set expiration dates for your content

Ever wish you could set certain updates in your library to automatically expire?

Because now you can!

When you add a new update, you can also tell Edgar the date and time he should take it out of your rotation. It’s perfect for seasonal updates, short-term promos, timely news, or any other type of update you want to repeat for a while, but not forever!

To set a post to expire, check the box next to Expire content at a specific time and date, like so:

When the time comes, Edgar will stop sharing that update on social media – but it will still remain in your library, just in case you ever want to bring it back! (It will appear grayed out, so you can easily identify it.) You can learn more about expiring content right here!

So go ahead – test these features out!

Now that you know what’s new, what’s stopping you from taking these features for a spin?

Head over to your account and check ’em out!