Edgar’s Fave Five: What We’re Reading This Week #3

It’s time again for Edgar’s Fave Five – our semi-regular, sometimes-weekly, always interesting roundup of five great reads from across the web.

We recommend bookmarking these links for later – they’re the perfect length to check out over a leisurely lunch break. Or you can save them for the weekend when you’re curling up with a hot cup of super fancy/awesome/gorgeous coffee – they’re also good while you’re sipping a hot cup of Dunks/Timmy’s/7-11/whatever! You do you.

1) How to Quickly Optimize Images for the Web – Zapier

It’s not enough anymore to simply pair an image with a blog post – images must be a key part of your SMO/SEO strategy. Not sure where to begin? Our friends at Zapier have a quick-and-easy guide on image optimization (it’s really simple – promise!) that’ll help make a big difference in your site’s search engine ranking.

2) Want More Creative Marketing? You Need More Sensitive Marketers – Unthinkable

Most of us have been thinking about marketing all wrong, posits Jay Acunzo, former head of content at HubSpot. To market better, he says, you must become more sensitive to the world around you – and we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to read just how you can achieve that. (This one’s a post and podcast combo!)

3) 10 Simple Ways to Instantly Jazz Up Your Brand’s Instagram Feed – Canva

It seems like Instagram’s coming out with tons of cool new features on the reg, but let’s back up a sec: Have you thought about actually branding your Instagram feed? If not, don’t worry! Canva’s got ten brilliant tips to inspire you and to help you make the most of the ‘gram for your brand.

4) The Three-Hour Brand Sprint: GV’s Simple Recipe For Getting Started On Your Brand – Google Ventures

This fun guide from Google Ventures – Google’s venture capital arm – details how GV helps the entrepreneurs and startups they fund to create compelling brands. This complete “brand sprint” plan covers everything from your 20-year roadmap (!!) to your “What, How, Why” to your top values/audiences – and includes big-time concepts (made simple) like Personality Sliders and Competitive Landscape planning pointers.

5) 3 Tips for a Productive Approach to Email – ProBlogger

No entrepreneur can afford not to check her email. But email can easily take up so. much. time. How can you avoid the email time-suck? A popular parenting blogger shares three tried-and-true strategies that reduced the amount of time she spends on her inbox – by more than half. (We know, right?)