Behind the Scenes

September 26, 2017

Are You Limiting Yourself With Your Language? What We Learned From Changing Ours

Language is full of synonyms that can make choosing the right words hard – and your choice of vocabulary often has unintended consequences for your productivity, mindset, and growth. As we’ve worked this year to knock down some internal roadblocks here at MeetEdgar, it’s been easy to grow complacent in […]
July 21, 2017

What’s the Difference Between Customer Service and Quality Assurance, Anyway?

If you’ve ever so much as used an app, you know that two of the most important teams behind the scenes are the people who build it, and the customer service pros standing by to help you out. At a lot of software companies, those teams are separated with a […]
March 14, 2017

Will MeetEdgar Support Instagram?

Want a look behind the scenes at MeetEdgar? We love getting questions from our readers and users – so today we’re answering a popular one! (No, this isn’t an update on Edgar’s relationship status.) Today, we’re talking about Instagram. Not only are we social media librarians, we are also expert […]
February 24, 2017

How to Become More Productive YOUR Way Through Mindfulness

We all want to be more productive with the time we have. (No matter how good at it you already are.) But choosing what methods to follow from all of the available books, articles, and courses about being more productive can feel like just another way of procrastinating! Fortunately, there’s a way to […]
February 17, 2017

Want to Fuel Innovation? Model Diversity

At the core of the entrepreneurial soul is a desire to break the rules, change the game, and bring new ideas to life despite every person who told you it was impossible. (Or maybe even to spite those people. No judgment.) While other kids casually sold lemonade for pocket change, […]
January 27, 2017

The Most Underrated (and Overrated!) Things About Working From Home

Working from home sounds like a pretty sweet gig – which is probably why so many people want to do it! (Around 80-90% of the US workforce says they’d like to telecommute, whereas only about 2.8% of the workforce actually spends at least half their working hours doing so.) At MeetEdgar, our […]
September 1, 2016

Coming Up With Evergreen Content

One of the most important parts of a solid content strategy is creating content that can last. Content that isn’t necessarily tied to a specific fad or trend, and that will be as meaningful if someone reads it in a year as when they read it today. (No pressure.) We […]
June 23, 2016

How to Promote a Business on Facebook by Writing Great Posts

Welcome to Edgar Learn, where we share the strategies that helped us find success! This is Part Three of our series on Facebook Marketing, where we’ll give away some of the Facebook marketing tips we follow ourselves. Click here to read Part Two! No matter what the overall strategy of your Facebook presence […]
June 9, 2016

Facebook Marketing Tips for Any Budget

Believe it or not, this September will mark the 10th anniversary of Facebook being available to anyone with an email address (before that, you had to have a .edu email address). That’s a long stretch of time for a social media network remain relevant, and it’s easy to see Facebook has done far […]
June 7, 2016

What We Discovered On the Road to 5000 Users

It’s been two years since we sent out our very first round of invitations to use Edgar – and while we thought we learned some valuable business lessons after our first year, the past 12 months have been packed with surprises. This time last year, our team was 13 people […]
June 2, 2016

Schedule Social Media Posts Like a Pro, with Categories

Welcome to Edgar Learn, where we share the strategies that helped us find success! This is Part Two of our series on Social Media Scheduling, where we’ll look at how to schedule social media posts using categories. Click here to read Part One! Today we’re going to take a close look at using categories […]
May 19, 2016
Blogging schedule

How to Schedule & Promote Blog Posts

You already know how important your blog is to your business, and how you can use it to build up the all-important values of Know, Like, and Trust with your customers. (And if you don’t know either of those things, you should definitely click those links before reading any further – because […]
May 12, 2016
blogger's toolkit

The Edgar Guide to Blogging, Part Two: The Secrets of “Know, Like, Trust.”

In our last segment, we talked about why your website needs a blog (hint: it’s the cornerstone of your entire social media strategy) and we shared the importance of a little formula we call “know, like, trust.” Today we’re going to dig a little deeper into that, and we’ll offer a few ideas […]
March 8, 2016

Five Quick Fixes for Your Least Productive Slack Habits

When you’re running a business of your very own, it’s tempting to want to do everything differently. As entrepreneurs, we always want to forge our own path! We’re supposed to do things like stop assigning deadlines, or say “screw it” to going viral, or break up with a program like […]
February 2, 2016

We Need to Redefine “Culture Fit”

Hiring would be a lot easier if it were just a matter of finding someone with skills – but it isn’t. It’s also a matter of finding someone who fits – someone who’s a good match for your business and your team not only because they have talent, but because […]
December 1, 2015

The Three Quick Questions That Reveal Our Worst Business Habits

Sometimes, the hardest part of breaking a bad habit isn’t actually the part where you break it at all – it might be in just recognizing that it’s a bad habit in the first place! Professional habits are relatively easy to pick up, because they sort of sneakily become part […]
November 10, 2015

How We Tackled the Biggest Problems In Our Remote Team

Working with a remote team – whether it’s just one other person or more than a dozen – has some serious perks. Wearing your jim-jams ‘til noon, for example. But despite advantages like that one, there are any number of problems that any remote business has to overcome, too – […]
November 3, 2015

These Three Questions Drive Every Decision We Make

Running a business can feel like a never-ending exercise in looking ahead. You’re always planning for the next promotion, the next ad campaign, the next product. It’s like how they say that sharks have to always keep swimming or else they’ll die, right? If you don’t keep moving, you’re done […]
October 20, 2015

Dread Your Seasonal Promotions? You’re Probably Doing Them Wrong

Seasonal promotions are great and all, but at the same time, gearing up for one can feel like opening your box of Christmas lights and finding miles and miles of knotted wires. You sigh. You shake your head. You say, “I barely survived this last time. Please, don’t make me […]
September 29, 2015

Dread the Hiring Process? Here’s How We Fixed Ours

Growing your business to the point where you need to hire someone new is a great problem to have – but it can still feel like a problem. After all, hiring isn’t just a financial investment. It can also feel like you’re putting that part of your business at risk […]