We created Edgar in 2014 so that professionals could manage their social media with more consistency and in less time.

Full disclosure – the professional I had in mind was mostly me.

Hey, I’m MeetEdgar founder and CEO Laura Roeder!

In 2009, I started LKR Social Media, where I created online courses that taught thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners how to take their social media marketing into their own hands.

One of the most effective strategies in my bag of tricks was recycling social media updates – but doing that meant saving them all in a big, ridiculous spreadsheet and manually loading them into scheduling tools over and over and over! (Not gonna lie – pretty tedious.)

There weren’t ANY social media tools that would save your updates after posting them, or post them more than one time automatically! So I said, fine, we’ll just make one ourselves – and in 2014, we brought Edgar to life.

Edgar made my own social media marketing infinitely easier, and it didn’t take too long for him to get a reputation, either – before we knew it, he was sending out millions of status updates for tens of thousands of social media accounts!

So even though we’ve grown from a scrappy little team of seven to a larger-but-scrappy-at-heart team of, well, a lot more, we stick to the same values that have guided us since the very beginning – and I never forget that this whole thing started because I was sick of doing things the slow, old-fashioned way!

Laura Roeder
CEO of MeetEdgar

Our Company Values

Embrace Ownership

We all have the power to act in the best interest of the business, whether that’s by advocating for fundamental changes in how we operate or by making incremental improvements to a process. We’re responsible first and foremost to our business performance and to our collective goals. You’re the bottom line for your own role and outcomes, but you’re not there alone 👇🏻

We’re All One Team

We recognize that everybody, together, contributes to the organization. Everybody we interact with — coworkers in our department, outside of our department, vendors, service providers, and our users — is on our side and we’re on theirs. We’re all a part of each other’s success, and we’re responsible for the company together. This means we remember our shared goals, treat everybody with respect, and look out for each other’s well being.

Make New Mistakes

We exist in an environment where change happens fast and can come from every direction. The only way to keep up is to remain committed to learning, iterating, and being a bit adventurous. Everything we do is one step on the path toward getting things right. Accepting that not everything will always be a step forward is part of our reality, so we maximize every mistake and unexpected result by applying what we’ve learned and shifting course without regret. We’re not afraid to experiment and be creative with our solutions, because we understand that the biggest mistake is being afraid to make one at all.

Value for Value

We believe in maintaining an equal exchange of value in every relationship and transaction. This means that we always provide value to match the money our customers pay us. We aim to provide value to our employees that matches the value employees provide to the company. When any relationship is out of balance, we look for ways to add meaningful value. We are never looking for the quick or easy buck in favor of a building mutually reciprocal relationships with everybody around us.

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